Close Friend Of Boss Happens To Have Exact Qualifications For New Job


IN an incredible turn of events, a much-coveted new position in a prominent accountancy firm has been filled by a man who not only had the exact right qualifications for the job, he also happened to be a close acquaintance of the managing director.

Mark Shields, 32, applied for the job as senior client manager at Hollis & Byrne Accountancy, after hearing about it from his good friend and golfing buddy Ian Creighton, who just happens to be the managing director at H&A.

In a further coincidence, the panel of interviewers found that Shields had the exact right qualifications and work experience for the position, despite his CV suggesting otherwise.

Creighton was the first to congratulate his pal on his new job, shaking his hand while introducing him to the rest of the staff at H&A, many of whom had applied for the post.

“I’ve been here for ten years, and I thought I was a cert for a promotion to the role” said one staff member we interviewed.

“However, it went to a better man. A man who just had everything that the interviewers were looking for, and was perfect for the role. And what do you know, it seems he happens to know the MD here; they were high-fiving and laughing when they realised they’d be working together. Small world, eh?”.

Shields will begin his highly paid job at the start of next week, after an intensive training program involving a few rounds of golf with Creighton at the weekend.