5 Old Things To Reminisce About Instead Of Doing Something Productive With Your Life


FEELING like maybe your life isn’t where you need it to be? Would you like to wake up every morning and just do more; go to a job you love, start working on a college course that you’ve always wanted to do… do you feel like life is slipping through your fingers without you having actually accomplished anything of worth? Well, if the answer is yes, never fear; the internet is chock full of top-five lists of things you might remember from your youth that will take your mind off such woes for a minute or two.

1) The Sony Discman


Single… single and alone. And not happy about it, either; not like those people who enjoy their own company, who enjoy being single. You crave company, but you can’t find it in you to just get out there and meet someone. This crushing lonesomeness eats at you every day. With that being said; discmans! Did you have a discman? Remember, they ate batteries, you couldn’t jog with them or they’d skip… mad things.

2) Alien Pods


The internet has every resource you could ever want; why with a few short clicks you could enroll in a nightclass, and learn a skill that could transport you away from this soul-crushing job that you hate more than anything on this earth. But before you do anything like that, check out these old toys from the 90s! Wee gooey alien lads. LOOK AT THEM.

3) Game And Watch


The weight of adulthood can be crushing at times; you need to pay bills, monitor income, organise a hundred things at once just to make it from one end of the week. You could knuckle down for an hour and wipe your itinerary clean, and be free of stress and worry for the next fortnight. But why would you do that when you could check out this old computer game? Your cousin had one just like it. Fucking mental.

4) Fashion Wheel


Create stunning designs with the spin of a wheel! Colour them in to your heart’s content! The perfect toy for girls and boys but mostly girls! Looking at this photo has brought about a sense of nostalgia, flushing your brain with dopamine and giving you a “lift” which has made you forget all about the hassle of everyday life. Those hassles still exist though, so for your sake you better hope there’s a fifth item on this list.

5) Small Wonder


And there is! Small Wonder, a TV show in the 80s about a wee girl who was a robot. We sincerely hope this list has helped you get through one more hellish hour. Luckily the internet is full of these top 5 lists, so you can flick from one to the other and not get too hung up on the fact that you’re doing nothing with your life.