Wow! Picture Of A Woman Being Visited By An Angle Is Going Viral


FOR those out there with a belief in spirituality we have an amazing image which proves that yes, God, our Lord is out there and isn’t shy about sending us powerful, powerful messages.

While this isn’t the first incident where a person has witnessed God’s grace first hand, we could all do with a reminder of His presence in this increasingly immoral and Godless world.

“I was just minding my own business and then out of nowhere I saw it and I was like ‘fuck me, I’ve been visited by an angle’ it was humbling and amazing,” 33-year-old Siobhan Scanlan explained to WWN when we caught up the mother-of-four.

Siobhan explained to us that she had lost her mother, her cat and several fake nails in the last year and that she had begun to pray frequently after years of neglecting her faith.

“I had heard stories like this before, but always thought they were silly, and then there it was, this vision of a 90 degree angle, maybe it was more like 78 degrees but that’s not important, what’s important is that God heeded my prayers,” Siobhan, whose mother and cat are still dead despite the angle’s appearance, confirmed.

Siobhan refused to read into the fact that the angle wasn’t in the shape of her preferred obtuse angle, and dismissed claims from online commenters who suggested it was therefore a sign from the Devil.

This is just the 407th reported angle sighting in Ireland this year alone.