Outgoing TDs Find Themselves Driving Past Dáil Even Though It’s Not On Their Way Home


DOZENS of TDs who failed to retain their seats in February’s general election have admitted that sometimes they’ll find themselves going out of their way to drive past Leinster House, even though it isn’t on their way to where they’re going at the time.

Nearly 50 TDs across all parties lost their seats in the election, including several household names such as Alan Shatter, Lucinda Creighton and James Reilly.

The outgoing ministers and TDs can be frequently seen driving slowly past the gates of Leinster House, staring mournfully at the building before speeding off when they’re spotted by a member of security.

In some instances, ex-TDs have been spotted driving past the Dáil even though it is some 200 miles away from their constituency, and they had no other reason to be in Dublin at the time.

“Ah I was just out for a spin around the West of Ireland and the next thing I found myself tipping up Nassau Street,” said Colm Keaveney, former Fianna Fáil seat-holder for Galway East.

“No real reason to be there, just that’s where the car took me if you know what I mean. I was going to go in, just say hello, but then I said no, sure they’re probably busy, I’ll just head on back to Galway. It’s for the best”.

Of the ex-TDs we spoke to, nearly all of them still have a fob for the front gate of Leinster House and are mad curious to see if it still works.