Migrants Hate Him! See This French Guy’s Weird Trick For Clearing Campsites!


YOU’RE not going to believe this one simple trick for clearing migrant campsites!

Troubled by people fleeing war and oppression who are living in shanty towns while trying to escape to a land where they can be safe and prosper? You need this one simple trick to have a clean, clear area in no time!

Discovered by a French guy who had to do something to battle against thousands of human beings living in tents and cabins at the port town of Calais, this one simple trick is helping to reduce the population of migrants in the area down to just 2,000! No wonder migrants hate him!

Tired of humanitarian aid agencies telling you what you can and can’t do when dealing with migrants?

Sick of having migrants all up in your business every time you go through the Channel Tunnel?

Then this one weird trick might work for you!

“OMG, I never thought I could clear a campsite effectively and efficiently until I learned this one simple rule,” said one Calais police official.

Another added that without this new technique, the worldwide community may have been forced to properly address the refugee crisis sweeping across the EU instead of just clearing everything up in a few short days!

You’re not going to believe it! Shed thousands of migrants with this one weird trick!