Amanda Brunker Expresses Outrage At Amanda Brunker


IRELAND’S top journalist Amanda Brunker has hit out at remarks made last week by Amanda Brunker, claiming that she’s horrified and disgusted and that she ran it by her friend Bono and he’s horrified too.

The gorgeous, sexy and talented Brunker wrote a column last week, which contained viewpoints that were described as uneducated, offensive and potentially harmful, prompting Brunker to write a column today about how she had been personally affected by these uneducated, offensive and potentially harmful viewpoints.

Today’s column is Brunker’s third column on the subject, following a two-page spread in last week’s Sunday Independent in which she told of how harsh online comments about her original article hadn’t fazed her because Amanda Brunker is nothing if not a strong, confident woman who doesn’t need constant attention from the public or the media.

“Who does this Amanda Brunker think she is, some kind of stunningly attractive voice of the people?” wrote Amanda Brunker in today’s Amanda Brunker section of the Independent.

“I read her column out to Bono while I was hanging out with him because we’re friends. She just seems to be writing things that are purposefully controversial, to stay in the public eye. I personally would never do anything like that, and you can read my full thoughts on the subject in next week’s article”.

Although WWN reached out for a statement, Amanda Brunker was unavailable for comments about what Amanda Brunker said about Amanda Brunker.