Stunning Bridesmaid Arrested For Stealing Bride’s Thunder


A BRIDESMAID faces a potential prison sentence following unsettling scenes at a Waterford church which saw the woman upstaging the bride-to-be by stealing her thunder.

Jane Mallon, 29, by all accounts an ‘absolute stunner’, turned heads at the wedding of her best friend Deirdre Tracey prompting the inconsolable bride to place a phone call into the guards, claiming her thunder had been stolen. The theft of a bride’s thunder carries with it a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

“I knew it would kick off as soon as Jane dipped those beautiful legs of hers out of the car at the church,” confirmed one wedding party guest, Eddie Seeger who had been smoking outside the church.

“She had curves for days, and I said to the wife, she’ll tell you so, I said ‘fucking hell, she looks stunning’. I hadn’t noticed Deirdre getting out of the car behind her,” added Seeger.

Gardaí arrived on the scene minutes after the bride phoned in the offence, and Miss Mallon was immediately taken into custody.

Miss Mallon protested her innocence, but Deirdre had ample evidence to support claims that her special day was now ruined and that “Jane knew exactly what she was doing”.

Despite rumours that Deirdre had purposefully chosen a colour of dress not best suited to Jane’s complexion, the beautiful bridesmaid still left the vast majority of the congregation in awe of how stunning she was, with several men lost in a vacant state of mindless drooling.

WWN placed several calls into Deirdre, but we were informed she was too upset to talk, as she had invited four ex-boyfriends to the wedding only to see them get lost in Jane’s piercing blue eyes.