Burton Catches Taoiseach Texting Martin


LEADER of the Labour party Joan Burton is reportedly being consoled by fellow party members this morning after walking in on the Taoiseach as he was apparently texting Fianna Fail leader Micheál Martin.

Speaking to WWN, a source inside the Labour party said Ms. Burton ran from the Taoiseach’s office sobbing uncontrollably.

“She went in to talk to Enda about their future together, but said she found him giggling to himself while reading something on his phone,” the source said. “She asked the Taoiseach what he was laughing at and he apparently hid the phone quickly in embarrassment and said ‘nothing’.”

It is believed the Labour leader forcefully took the phone from Mr. Kenny and found a text from Micheál Martin, asking Enda to dinner some time.

“Joan slapped Enda around for a bit in a rage and smashed his phone off the ground.” the source added.

It is understood Ms. Burton then ran out of the office shouting about how the Taoiseach was two-timing her and her party and that she want’s nothing more to do with him.

“We could all see it coming, but Joan.” concluded the source. “It will take her some time to get over it. I think she’s still in love with the idea of a Labour/Fine Gael coalition. It’s tough to watch mammy and daddy fight.”