Polling Stations In National Schools Only Open To Catholic Voters


THOUSANDS of voters will today be forced to travel up to 30 miles out of their way to find a place to vote, as most polling stations are in national schools which are enforcing a strict “Catholics only” rule.

Non-Catholics wishing to make their vote count may have to find a polling station in their nearest Educate Together school, despite the fact that there are ballot booths available to them closer to their doorsteps.

Staff at polling stations in national schools are checking people for baptismal certificates before administering polling cards, and in many instances people are being turned away and told that “their kind of vote isn’t welcome around here”.

“My parents voted here, I have a cousin that votes here, but I can’t vote here,” said one angry member of the electorate, who was refused permission to vote in Schoil Mhuire NS in Bantry.

“All because I’m not Roman Catholic. It’s ridiculous. All my friends vote here, and I had hoped to vote with them. Instead, I have to drive to Mallow to the Educate Together to vote. I’ll make damn sure to vote against whoever keeps this archaic system in place, that’s for damn sure”.

With the situation showing no signs of abating, reports are coming in that many voters have gotten themselves baptised just so they can vote at a local polling station.