“Stop Voting For Trump You Sick Bastards!” World Tells America


IN A desperate bid to sway voters in the United States away from Donald Trump, several world leaders have been forced into action by their own people to help save the future of the planet from the US business mogul.

Speaking from British parliament this morning, Prime Minister David Cameron began the worldwide campaign, by addressing the American people directly in a heartfelt speech.

“Stop voting for Trump, you sick bastards,” a visibly worried Mr. Cameron exclaimed, backed by cheers of ‘here here’ from everyone in the House of Commons. “Seriously, you need to think about this. It’s not funny anymore. Everyone here is worried.”

Echoing the British PM’s sentiments from the other side of the world, Chinese premier Li Keqiang also broke his silence on the latest Republican primary results from the state of Nevada, which saw Trump winning in a landslide Republican vote.

“We own you. Stop voting for this crazy guy or we’ll call in our debt,” Li Keqiang warned, referring to the over $10 trillion owed by America to the Asian superpower. “Don’t make us come over there.”

The Republican presidential candidate has now easily won three caucus wins in a row, after victories in New Hampshire and South Carolina, even securing 45% of Nevada’s “poorly educated” Latino vote.