Luas Drivers Patiently Wait Until General Public Decides What They Should And Shouldn’t Be Paid


TALKS between Luas staff representatives, the trade union SIPTU and the Workplace Relations Commission aimed at resolving the ongoing salary dispute have been put on hold, as the matter has been thrown open to the general public on social media to determine exactly what the drivers should be paid.

Luas drivers have held two 48-hour strikes in recent weeks as they attempt to negotiate better pay and conditions with the service operator Transdev.

This has led to the inconveniencing of up to 90,000 commuters who had to deal with travel disruptions during the industrial actions, and a subsequent debate online about what the drivers are entitled to in their wages.

Entry requirements to the discussion about what another person deserves as a salary have so far been limited to “having a social media account” and “being angry”, and so far the overwhelming majority of people are in favour of the largest public transport operator in the world with an annual turnover of €6.6 billion in 2014 as opposed to the 172 Luas drivers who earn significantly less than their Iarnroid Éireann counterparts.

“I’ve seen a thing online that had the Luas drivers wages on one side and those of a junior doctor on the other, so that made my mind up to say ‘fuck the Luas lads’,” said one man who’s suddenly an expert in industrial pay negotiations.

“If the same image had been extended to include the wages of public servants, TDs, health consultants and the upper levels of Luas managament then maybe I’d have a different opinion, but it didn’t and I don’t have time to consider it. I’m just angry right now! No raise for the Luas drivers!”

Luas drivers have hinted at another strike that would take place on St. Patrick’s day, which many believe would make them the most hated people in Irish history since the black and tans.