LUAS Operator Opens Up 250 JobsBridge Tram Driver Internships


TRANSDEV, the company currently operating the LUAS trams are glad to announce 250 JobsBridge internships for tram driver positions across its 54 stations in Dublin city.

The welcome news was announced today and it seems the company is very eager to begin their search immediately, predicting the first group of interns will begin operating on all lines before Saint Patrick’s Day.

“It’s not rocket science, but it’s apparently rewarding work when you get into it,” said Brian Brennan, Managing Director Transdev Dublin. “You pull a few levers, get your own private cabin, free wifi, free travel around the city and get to knock down a pedestrian or two in the process; what’s not to like?”

The 250 positions will range from intern drivers, ticket inspectors, security and line supervisors, and successful applicants will receive an extra 50 euro a week, on top of their current social welfare payment.

“That’s crazy money for just driving around the city, enjoying yourself,” said applicant James Donnelly, a long-term unemployed man. “I’ve always wanted to drive a train,” he added, before being corrected on how the Luas is not a train, but a tram. “Ah yeah, still though, it makes train noises so I can just pretend.”

Interested applicant are to contact their local Jobsbridge office for further details.