Nation Forms Queue At Dublin Airport To Welcome Home David Drumm


NEWS of former Agnlo-Irish Bank chief executive David Drumm’s return to Ireland has been greeted by a huge welcome party at Dublin Airport.

Many of those queuing brought with them iron bars and pitchfork, presumably intending to use them if someone attempted to skip them in the queue.

While many people struggle to remember what exactly the man facing 33 separate charges in Ireland is accused of, an appreciative public is wasting no time in forming an orderly queue at the arrivals lounge.

“I can’t remember exactly what the prick done, but I’m here with my slapping glove and I’m going to use it,” Drumm fan Richard Delaney explained as he took his place in the queue, tightly clenching his leather glove, reserved for slapping people.

“The absolute punchable face on him, the shit he did with Anglo, wasn’t it Anglo?” another queuer, Damien Carroll explained, without elaborating further.

Drumm returns to Ireland on foot of being described by a Boston court judge during bankruptcy hearings as “not remotely credible” and “knowing and fraudulent”.

At the time of writing, the queue at Dublin airport stretched back to O’Connell St.