‘Shame On You’ Irish Water Protester Retires Aged 53


THE man with the voice at the centre of 98% of Irish Water protest videos has today announced his retirement from protesting, after 3 years in service.

Declan Walsh, better known for his ‘shame on you’ catchphrase, said he was sad and disheartened over his decision, one, he says, didn’t come easy.

“All the meters have been installed, which is very sad,” he said with his mouth, at a brief ceremony in a county Carlow GAA hall. “I just hope everyone remembers, not just my work here, but the work of thousands of water protesters across the country.”

On receiving a plaque from a member of The Anti-Irish Water Meter Alliance, Mr. Walsh was then ironically applauded by attending Irish Water meter installers, who formed a guard of honour for him exiting the centre.

“We’ve grown to love him over the years and it only felt right that we show up today to send him off.” said emotional installer Terry Greene. “Decco would brighten up our day and we’ll miss his shame on you’s and his Denis O’Brien croonie jibes.

“He’s a decent auld skin in fairness, and everyone here wishes him all the best in his new venture.” he added, now wiping a tear from his cheek.

Last week, Declan Walsh secured a chair position in a local Community Alert group, and is expected to start next week.

Good luck Declan.