Renua Celebrate After Making It To Page 38 Of The Irish Times


RIGHT wing political party Renua have received a huge boost today after making it into the pages of prominent broadsheet and paper of record, The Irish Times.

“Yes,” Renua leader, Lucinda Creighton exclaimed, throwing her fists skyward after making the discovery earlier today.

“Page 38, shit, that’s much better than 39, you can’t pay for the kind position,” confirmed unpaid Renua intern Alice Gerathy, speculating that tens more people were likely to see the small panel about one of Renua’s election posters having a spelling error than the death notices on the following page.

In a hotly contested election, every bit of publicity that isn’t directly paid for being highly coveted, with Renua being no different to parties that actually have a political future in Ireland such as Fine Gael and Sinn Féin.

Confiding in WWN, a Renua spokesperson revealed that the nature of being a new party means there’s little scope for making the headlines.

“Jesus, we wish we could trot out those homeless figures Fine Gael have; doubling the number of homeless children in the last year alone, we’d love to have the chance to do that in Government, but we’re only new,” the spokesperson confirmed.

Our interview was cut short, however, after staff at the Renua headquarters staged an emergency meeting after their landline rang for the very first time.