Leader Profiles: Micheál Martin


TD Top Trumps continues ahead of the 2016 General Election with WWN’s handy guide to Cork’s own Micheál Martin, the finest Fianna Fail leader of all time™.

Age: 55, but could easily pass for 53.

Jobs: Leader of the opposition, fly in the ointment, monkey in the works.

Pacts made with ancient deities: 2

Strengths: Ability to disagree with all sides of an argument at the same time.

Weaknesses: Inability to play well with others leading to lack of potential coalition partners.

Known for: Introducing smoking ban, leading Fianna Fáil to their worst ever election results.

Nicknames: Nu Cowan, Micky M.

Least likely to say: “The current government have done nothing to solve the majority of problems faced by Irish citizens”.

Most likely to say: “Yeah, the majority of problems faced by Irish citizens… that was us that did that. Our bad”.

Special move: The Screaming de Valera

WWN leader rating out of 10: 3