Waterford Mother Makes 286 Pancakes ‘Just To Be Safe’


A WATERFORD mother has made close to 300 pancakes this Pancake Tuesday, driven by the all encompassing fear of making too few delicious batter based treats for her two children.

Despite the insistence of her two children Mark and Chloe that they probably wouldn’t be able to stop by the house this evening, Eithne Farrelly spent a large part of her morning, afternoon and evening making batch after batch of pancakes.

“The thought of having made too few, it has me breaking out in a sweat,” Mrs. Farrelly confirmed as she busied herself counting all 286 pancakes and dividing the number by 2.

“143 each should be enough, shouldn’t it?” Mrs. Farrelly queried out loud to herself, fearful Mark’s famously large appetite could result in the unthinkable scenario of running out of pancakes. An estimated total of 439 complimentary foods, sauces and condiments have also been set aside.

“No, no, that’s it now, I’ll have to head to Lidl to buy a fresh spot of ingredients, the margins are too fine to call,” Mrs. Farrelly declared as she raced against the clock to return back to the house in time for Mark’s unconfirmed arrival.

It is speculated Mark Farrelly will eat as many as 6 pancakes over the course of 90 minutes, leading his mother to presume she’s made the worst kind of pancakes since Farrelly pancake records began in 1985.