87% Of People Who Say They ‘Think Outside The Box’, Don’t


A SURVEY carried out in over 1,200 businesses across the country has found that 87% of people who say they think outside the box, don’t, and may even be restricted in their thinking process.

The survey, carried out by a team of psychology students at the University of Limerick, followed up on a brief questionnaire sent out to sales and marketing executives in 2011 and found the majority of those asked, claimed to be able to ‘think outside the box’ when it came to all things creative.

“We were intrigued to say the least,” said Dermot Cooney, lead researcher for the study. “So-much-so, in fact, we asked these so-called geniuses to take part in a specially designed task to test their creative abilities, which involved them sitting on their own and solving a variety of logical exercises that required a reasonable level of creativity to solve.”

However, only 13% of the people managed to complete the test, while the other 87% blamed outside influences for their failure.

“I’ve never met such a bunch of brain dead idiots in my life,” Cooney recalled. “They were blaming everything from the lights in the office to the colour of the pen they had to use for their failings.

“One guy even made a cube from the questionnaire sheets and tried to claim he passed because he wasn’t in the box, therefore thinking outside it. We later had to call the guards to restrain him when we told him that he had failed the task.”

In lieu of the survey, employers are now urged to immediately disregard anyone who makes the ‘thinking outside the box’ claim, as they’re probably full of shit.