Major Spoiler Leak For ‘Making A Murderer’ Season 2 Revealed


*Warning* Major Making A Murderer Season 2 spoilers are contained in this article

SPOILERS for Netflix’s up-and-coming sequel to the successful ‘Making a Murderer’ series have been leaked online.

According to the leaked rumours, Steven Avery will apparently be set free on the current charge of murdering photographer Teresa Halbach after an eight month appeal trial fronted by Avery’s new legal team.

The majority of the new series is expected to focus on Mr. Avery’s time after being acquitted, but it doesn’t take long for new problems to arise.

Following a series of revelations, Avery and his partner Sandra Greenman finally get back together after splitting over religious reasons. However, this relationship doesn’t last for long as they find out they are both related to each other, and share the same father, Allan.

Producers of the new series have also had to replace the Allan Avery with an actor, due to the original becoming ill and unable to appear in the series.

“Hopefully this will only be temporary as Allan really wants to resume his role as Steven’s father again.” a producer said online. “Although, his wife Dolores said she has no problems with the stand in.”

In a surprising turn of events, Avery’s previous lawyer Dean Strang is arrested and charged with the murder of Teresa Halbach following an independent investigation by Calumet County prosecutor Ken Kratz. Police stormed Strang’s office and found  the murder weapon used, a brass hurling trophy he received from a friend. DNA evidence would later prove Strang was indeed the culprit and he was sentenced to life in prison, despite appeals from fans of the show.

After a series of lawsuits against Calumet County, Steven Avery is eventually granted a settlement of $54 million, but unfortunately is killed in a hit-and-run accident the following week whilst collecting the cheque. The driver was never caught, causing more outrage from the Avery family.

Producers have not yet ruled out a season three of the show, which many fans believe will focus on the lack of police investigation into the hit-and-run case.