Outrage As Dole Claimants Revealed To Be Living The High Life In Dublin Hotel


VIEWERS watching a report on RTÉ last night were left outraged after it was revealed some social welfare claimants were actually living the high life in Dublin city hotels.

The show, ironically called My Homeless Family, followed several chancers as they documented their lavish lifestyle, hopping from hotel room to hotel room over a three month period.

“I nearly choked on my lobster when the girl started complaining about her living conditions,” Twitter user and financial director of Citigroup Dublin Thomas Phillips tweeted. “She has everything she wants in that room, even a kettle and mini cartons of milk, a late-bar downstairs. This is exactly what’s wrong with the world. People like that should have their benefits cut and made work for a living.”

During the documentary, dole claimant Erica Fleming shocked viewers by suggesting that she should be given a free house, despite being a single mother who was clearly not working.

“Fuck it sure, give her a swimming pool and Lamborghini while we’re at it,” Dalkey resident Ciaran Trent tweeted. “It’s one law for them, and another for us poor fuckers who have to pay their way.”

To make matters worse, one participant was seen using a mobile phone and also drove around in a car like some kind of celebrity.

“Sure that red hair dye must have cost a fortune,” pointed out another tweeter. “I’ve seen that jacket in Penneys for forty euro, would she not sell that instead of moaning.”

According to the program, over a thousand social welfare claimants in Dublin are managing to live it up in some of the city’s most prestigious hotels, all at the cost of the taxpayer.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny was unavailable for comment.