Huge Surge In Teenagers Exploiting Elderly Relatives For Facebook Photos


SUPPORT groups for the elderly have warned of an alarming increase in the number of older people being coerced into posing for photos with their young relatives, who then share the images on social media.

Pensioners of all ages have found themselves photographed while wearing a confused, sad look on their faces, while their nieces, nephews or grandchildren crouch beside them with huge smiles on their faces.

The photos, which are usually captioned with statements such as “look at my beautiful gran x x” or “OMG, still a lege; luv my granda so much”, go on to appear on Facebook where they are used to reap hundreds of likes and comments.

In most cases, the elderly relative has not given permission for their photo to be shared on Facebook, does not know what Facebook is, and has only a vague idea of what the internet is at best.

“This is a perfect example here,” said Ian Hartin, spokesperson for the group ‘Stop Exploiting Elderly People Online’ as he showed us a series of harrowing images on Facebook.

“Here’s an elderly woman, maybe 88 or older. Beside her is a teenage girl, leaning over so we can see down her top, flashing a gang sign while smiling like an idiot. Look at the old woman; does she look happy? And the caption; ‘Grandma, still d best!!’… you just know this kid only sees her grandmother once a year at Christmas. It’s despicable”.

Anyone who spots a photo of an elderly person online is asked to report the image to Facebook and block the poster immediately.