Hilarious Prank Kills 12


MORE viral lols as the latest prank from online troublemaker Danny Shonemaker has resulted in massive bellyaches and 12 tragic deaths.

A carefully choreographed prank all filmed on the latest iPhone saw Danny drop heavy potted plants from the 6th story of a New York city apartment complex while hilariously shouting plant-based puns as person after person was struck down in laughter fit-inducing fashion.

“Look, we just love the responses these vids get it’s awesome, and we’re so happy to have an audience that loves the lols as much as I do,” Danny remarked in a follow up video, which included some outtakes, in which Danny failed to hit his targets.

“This one is my favourite though,” Danny says in the video while footage shows an elderly woman nailed right on the head with a large cactus plant and ceramic pot as her family watch on in horror.

And we have to admit despite the loss of life, it’s probably worth it just to see the reaction of some of their loved ones. The faces are truly priceless.

Danny was arrested and questioned by police, one of the hazards of an internet pranksters job, but was soon released after showing police the outtakes from the video.

“There are no charges to pursue as you can’t put a price on a video that makes you cry with laughter,” arresting officer Glen Harbuckle explained to WWN.

WWN’s thoughts are with the families of the 12 people who lost their lives in the name of banter.