James Corden Accidentally Mows Down 11 Children During Carpool Duet


BRITISH chat show host James Corden was today arrested and charged with the manslaughter of eleven young school children after losing control of his vehicle while singing a duet with an unnamed celebrity.

Corden was said to be driving a luxury SUV before mounting the pavement during ‘a chorus line of a well-known song’, and then proceeded to mow down the unsuspecting pedestrians over a 90 second period.

“He was mid-lyric and his eyes were closed,” an eyewitness told WWN. “He was obviously so engulfed in the number that he just lost control and ended up on the footpath. The thuds and screams didn’t seem to alert him one bit.”

It is understood Corden drove along the pavement for 2 kilometres before coming to a halt after finally finishing his duet.

Police attending the scene immediately arrested the TV host, writer, actor and singer and transported him to a local Hollywood police station for questioning, where he was later charged.

“This isn’t the first time Mr. Corden has been involved in dangerous driving,” a police source explained. “James has been stopped and warned numerous times by police over his careless driving while singing and general disregard for other road users and pedestrians.”

Experts believe it was only a matter of time before someone got hurt during his infamous carpool video clips, which feature on Cordon’s American ‘Late Late’ chat show.

“You can’t just drive around the place while trying to sing and chat to passengers,” a Californian road health and safety officer pointed out. “James Corden should have been put off the road last year instead of being allowed to sing and drive around Hollywood boulevard like he owns the fucking place.”

James Corden is expected to receive a total of 11 life sentences for his actions, and could face the death penalty.