Waterford Mother Living Vicariously Through Smarter, Prettier Daughter


A LOCAL Waterford mother is believed to be living life in a purely vicarious form, through her ‘intelligent and beautiful daughter’, WWN has learned.

Carmel Doherty, a 59-year-old vice principal at her local primary school, has all but given up on trying to enjoy her own life, instead pouring all her focus into her daughter Orla’s life and experiences.

“Oh God, and the new boyfriend, you’d want to see him. Oh, he’s only gorgeous and the arms on him, nothing like my Mick, that’s for sure,” Carmel explained at length in the school’s canteen throughout the week, seemingly fixated on Orla’s new boyfriend Gavin.

Orla ensures to keep her mother up to date on all aspects of her life, as to fail to do so would result in a constant barrage of texts and calls.

“Isn’t it marvellous, they’re looking at houses now, and she’s never out of the gym, and always working, that crowd would be lost without her,” Carmel explained to her neighbour, after receiving her bi-hourly text update from Orla, “ah they have it made up there in Dublin. Ranelagh, you know yourself, the restaurants, etc., it’s great”.

Although there is no way of validating some claims, those familiar with Carmel believe she ceased talking about herself some time after Orla came back from her J1 in New York 12 years ago, fully transformed into a blossoming and confident woman.

The mother of three regularly posts pictures of Orla on her Facebook account with captions ranging from ‘my amazing daughter’, ‘my beautiful daughter’ and ‘my stunning daughter’ in the vain hope of receiving praise from Facebook friends which can be converted into warm and positive self esteem boosts.