Everything You Need To Know About New York According To Co-Worker Who Was There Once


DESPERATE to someday visit New York, but daunted by the sheer size of the Big Apple? How can you be sure that you eat at the best restaurants, stay in a nice area, squeeze in as many sights as you can? Luckily, you work with a woman who was in New York once, and she loves to share her definitive guide to Manhattan with anybody who asks. Here’s her top tips!

1) Accommodation

Your co-worker stayed in a hotel somewhere around Times Square, which was a bit expensive, but dead handy for getting to Times Square. The hotel was only gorgeous, by the way. Like, really nice. It was dear, but she was only there for a few days, so it didn’t work out that expensive overall. The flights were the expensive bit. But the hotel; massive. You should try and book it if you go.

2) Getting around

Confused by New York’s labyrinthine subway system? You shouldn’t be. Over the course of your ten o’clock break, your co-worker has stood beside you and rattled off several anecdotes about how simple it is to navigate your way around the city. On top of that, she threw in a tale of a taxi journey she took, and how the driver was a Muslim or something. Never again, she said.

3) Eating

New York has thousands of eateries to tempt you with, but don’t worry; according to your co-worker, there’s McDonalds and Burger King too. You can get food which is basically the same as you get at home, and it’s dirt cheap. If you’re feeling fancy, there’s a Planet Hollywood, where you can get a steak. They’ve motorbikes and things on the walls, it’s class.

4) Drinking

Yeooww! New York has any amount of Irish pubs. You can go in and get a pint of Guinness, just like you never left home. When your co-worker was in New York, she met a lad in Jock McKenna’s Sheebeen and Grill, and it turned out she knew his sister from the community games in 1987. Some craic hi.

5) The sights

Your co-worker got really agitated when she began detailing both the things she saw in New York; the Empire State Building, AND where they were rebuilding the twin towers. The Empire State Building is really tall; you could see all the way up to the hotel she was staying in. Then she went shopping where she bought five pairs of jeans for forty dollars, and “I HEART NEW YORK” souvenirs for the family. New York is a great place altogether, she concluded. Lot of blacks but as long as you watch yourself you’ll be alright.