It’s 30 Years Since The Day After Phil Lynott Died


IT’S hard to believe it, but today marks the thirtieth anniversary of the day following the death of Thin Lizzy frontman and Ireland’s first black person, Phil Lynott.

Lynott died the day before January the 5th, 1986, following complications caused by substance abuse after years of rock and roll excess.

Despite playing sold out arenas across the world and leaving behind a legacy of hits including “Whiskey in The Jar” and “The Boys Are Back In Town”, there was very little mention of Lynott on social media today.

Online spectators have commented that while thousands of people posted tributes to the deceased singer yesterday stating that he was “OMG a legend” and “WE’LL NEVER FORGET U PHIL”, these same people have fallen silent on the anniversary of the day after his death.

The posting of Thin Lizzy videos captioned with “classic tune from Phil and the boys”, featuring Lynott performing one of four tracks with his as-yet-unnamed band members, ceased at almost exactly midnight last night, completely snubbing the fact that today Lynott entered his third decade and one day of not being alive.

The shocking snubbing of the legendary rocker has led many people to think that people who posted yesterday claiming to have seen Thin Lizzy “back in the day” may have actually been telling fibs to appear cool online.