We’ve Put ‘Making A Murderer’ In This Headline Because It’s Crazy Popular Right Now


SINCE this ‘Making A Murderer’ show is really catching on we figured we best write something about it, WWN is only sorry it hasn’t bombarded your eye balls with 50 other, barely related and unrewarding stories connected to the Netflix show. What a show.

Several news publications have stolen a march on us by getting to the bottom of the incredibly important presence of a hurling trophy in the background of one of the shots, but we’re seriously relying on the hype of the show combined with ‘Making a Murderer’ being in the title to see us through. That court case was so crazy.

Bearing that in mind WWN has been forced to choose less meaningful, more clickbait-based material that in no way gives you a better understanding of the complex nature of the case and the US justice system, you’ll just have to set yourself up for some utterly pointless tidbit. Ugh, Ken Kratz.

We would copy and paste the hard work of several news sites in full here, which touches upon evidence omitted by the documentary makers, but the effort of clicking CTRL + C and then CTRL + V is just too much for us at this point, and we’ve been beaten to the punch on that yet again. Manitowoc county.

Christ, there’s not much other arbitrary nonsense masked as interest, we can loosely string together to form an article so all we’re left with is Steve Avery’s buzzcut. Man crush alert: Steve’s lawyers!

While we have no way of knowing whether or not Steve Avery’s buzzcut would feel like the texture of a fuzzy microphone were we to touch it, we reckon it would feel a bit like a microphone.

Do you think it would feel like a fuzzy microphone? Let us know below. Binge watch.