Irish Fans Sell “Fields Of Athenry” To Northern Ireland For €75 Million


WITH news emerging that the Northern Ireland football team may not be able to use “God Save The Queen” as their national anthem at the upcoming Euro 2016 finals, Irish supporters have come forward and offered to sell the rights to “Fields Of Athenry” to their northern neighbours for a cool €75million.

The use of “God Save The Queen” is in jeopardy following the proposal of a new bill by MPs in the House Of Commons, which states that as the song is the national anthem of the United Kingdom as a whole, it should not be used as the national anthem for individual members of the UK.

The use of the anthem had been in debate for some years, with many Northern Irish athletes opting for “Danny Boy” to be played as they received their medals at last year’s Commonwealth games.

With the debate still raging in Stormont, representatives for supporters of the Republic Of Ireland have put forth an offer to sell one of their most beloved terrace tunes, “Fields Of Athenry”.

“We’ve got songs to spare, so the Nordies can have this one if they’re willing to pay for it,” said Sean Logan, spokesperson for The Best Fans In The World™.

“€75million is a fair price to ask for one of the most anthemic songs in the history of the sport. As a bonus, the song will also be confiscated from Glasgow Celtic, and they can let Rangers sing it as well if they like”.

With neither Scotland or Wales using “God Save The Queen” and England likely to follow suit, if a deal is not found soon then Northern Ireland may find themselves without an anthem to stand to during Euro 2016 before they get knocked out at the group stages.