10 Things To Look Forward To In 2016


HERE at WWN we’re a little bit different to our news rivals and we’ve thought seeing as it is 2016 we should cast our eyeballs ahead and list off things we’re looking forward to over the course of the next 12 months, some of which may or may not happen:

1) A much needed rematch

Many people have been crying out for this for years, but it’s looking increasingly likely that Queen Elizabeth II grant the Nation’s Republicans a 1916 rematch after persistent requests.

Set to take place over a week this coming Easter, British forces will take on a ragtag band of Republicans with the UN offering much needed referring.

2) The Euros

Football. Footballs. Footballs kicked. Fans. Irish Fans. Ireland. Gas lads. Craic will be mighty. Videos of singing a song in a public space after a heavy defeat. Class.

3) The election

2016 is all about the upcoming, as yet unconfirmed election. Although there have already been claims of copyright infringement by UK voters, who have accused the Irish public of copying their much loved election format which sees the public endlessly raise their dissatisfaction with the ruling Government only to vote them in again, with an increased share of the vote.

4) Nostalgia

The best thing about getting one year further into the present, is that with each passing day there is a chance to live in the past via a series of absolutely pointless observations on arbitrary things which have no meaning.

Did you know that this November, it will be two years since Love/Hate was last seen on our screens? We cannot wait to lob up a few gifs relating to that come November. The Rugrats will be 25 years old… what? The Battle of Hastings happened 966 years ago this year too, O.M.G. Does anyone remember that Adele song ‘Hello’ from last year? There’s no denying that 2016 will be a great year for nostalgia, and we can’t wait.

5) The US election and subsequent nuclear apocalypse

The upcoming US election will insure 2016 is a year to remember as regardless of the result, it is presumed by the majority of experts that it will almost certainly bring about the end of the world.

6) That seriously hyped movie

We’re all excited about it, we’ve seen the trailer, we’ve read about the plot, loved the casting choices and we’re definitely not going to see it in the end, but the hype is going to be seriously enjoyable.

7) Calm, measured debates on abortion

With increasing pressure on politicians to address the issue of Ireland’s abortion laws, we’re cautiously optimistic the debates surrounding the subject will be respectful, cordial and based only facts.

8) High profile celebrity deaths

Who knows who is next? But as with any other year, celebrity deaths are hugely anticipated, and we can’t wait for the first big one of the year to hit very soon. Obviously the preference is someone with a questionable personal life as it’s easier for us all to speculate wildly about their untimely death, which is great craic in fairness.

9) 2017

While there’s a lot to be said for 2016, we’re really looking forward to all that build up to the real star of the show – 2017. Can you believe it is 12 months away already? Mad stuff.

10) The completely unfounded sense that this year will be your year

With absolutely no evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, we’re most looking forward to this unfounded belief that this year, unlike previous years, will be yours. Just like last year.