“I Will Pay Off Ireland’s Remaining Debt For Christmas” – Conor McGregor


UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor has confirmed today that he will pay off Ireland’s debt for Christmas, in one of his most generous gestures to date.

The Crumlin born mixed martial arts expert said it would be an honour for him to clear the country’s balance from the IMF books, stating ‘it was the least he could do’.

“Magic mac is back in town baby and when magic mac spends he spends good.” McGregor told a congregation of fans on Grafton Street this afternoon while shopping with friends. “We should look into getting a roof for this city, some gold plated railings around the Liffey, a nice diamond on the end of the Spire.”

Currently Ireland owes €204.4 billion in state debt, a figure the Irish fighter scoffed at.

“Please, I’ll make that in one round in Croke Park,” he taunted, now animating as if writing a cheque. “When the IMF gets a taste of this left hand, it’s all over….. BOOM, debts out for the count baby, yeah!”

Upon hearing the news, Taoiseach Enda Kenny thanked Mr. McGregor for his kind donation, stating the UFC star is a testament to the bravery and courage of the Irish people.