Santa Claus Arrested For Drink Flying In Dublin


GARDAI in Dublin have confirmed they have arrested Santa Claus for flying while being under the influence of alcohol after attempting to take off from a residential rooftop in Swords.

Mr. Claus, who was breathalysed at the scene, was found to have a blood alcohol concentration of 50.34, making him over one hundred times over the legal limit.

“We stopped a large stocky man about to get into a sleigh at five thirty pm.” arresting Garda Diarmuid Casey told WWN. “Mr. Claus couldn’t even speak or stand up straight so we arrested him on suspicion of flying a reindeer propelled vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Mr. Claus agreed to take a breath sample, which immediately turned red, indicating he was over the limit.”

Gardai transported the North Pole resident to Swords Garda station for further testing, which revealed the extent of his drinking.

“This is the highest reading we’ve ever had in this country, which is impressive considering its Ireland.” confirmed Garda Casey.

In his defence, Mr. Claus said he had been travelling all day and was going to be finished soon, stating that it wasn’t his fault there was so many alcoholic beverages left out for him by children.

Due to his arrest, presents will not be delivered to the Americas.