Thoughtful Downloader Allows Copyrighted Film Seed For A Little Bit


DUBLIN native Jimbo Lyons ‘gave a little back’ today whilst downloading a copyrighted film screener, letting it seed for a little bit while he surfed the web, he confirmed.

Securing the movie torrent on a proxy address, the mastermind Downloader completed the process in less than eight minutes, a time only made possible by his fibre-powered broadband.

“Some load of bleeding screeners on kickass the last couple of days.” the 37-year-old solicitor confirmed. “If it wasn’t for people like me seeding, there would be nothing to illegally download. I used to be a ‘quit when downloads complete’ kinda guy, but that changed when I heard about all the damage it causes the torrent community.”

Seeding is when a user leaves their BitTorrent client open following a download, aiding the distribution of the desired movie, document or audio file. Opponents of the activity claim the act is illegal, costing the film industry billions every year in lost revenue.

“It’s important people get the message across that sharing is caring, and not to forget to leave your file seed for that little bit longer. You know, to give something back to the people who truly deserve it – the Uploader.” Lyons concluded.