Hilarious Fucker To Get The Big Bang Theory Boxset For Xmas


FOLLOWING a quick group chat between his bestest of friends, Co. Galway man Steven Pike is set to receive seven whole seasons of his favourite TV show, The Big Bang Theory, they decided today.

Spending €10 each, the communal gift will be presented to Steven on Christmas day, when besties Shona, Dave and Eoin call round for their annual BFF festivities.

“OMG, he’s going to die when he see’s it.” exclaimed Shona, whose idea it was to purchase the box set between them, due to not having enough cash to buy it herself despite having all year to save. “We should totally film his reaction and send it into Her.ie or someplace like that. It’ll be gas sure. I can’t fookin’ wait loike!”

Mr. Pike, who religiously watches the Chuck Lorre creation every day for the past like forever, is said to have ‘no idea’ what his friends have planned for him, but is expected to go mental when he does.

“Stevo is an absolutely hilarious fucker, so he is,” best friend since Junior Infants Dave Cronin told WWN. “You should hear his Sheldon Cooper impression. We are going to have a ball Christmas day just repeating all those great one liners the show has to offer.

“We might be in A&E yet getting our sides stitched up after splitting them, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.” the equally hilarious fucker concluded.