Spider Horrified To See Son Murdered Live On I’m A Celebrity


BOSSES at ITV have come under fire today for allowing a three-month-old spider to be tortured and then eaten alive for entertainment purposes live on TV while family members looked on in horror.

Mother of 3,217, Mary Spider, called the show ‘barbaric’ after son Donal was brutally murdered by I’m A Celebrity contestant Ferne McCann in front of her eyes.

“Donal was so excited to be appearing on the show,” Mrs. Spider told WWN, after being released from hospital this morning for shock. “He emigrated to Melbourne last month to pursue a career in television, but we never imagined this. I just can’t believe what happened. I feel sick.”

Halfway through the final show, Donal Spider was presented in a glass tumbler on a table as part of a ‘Bush Tucker Trial’.

“My heart stopped when I heard what they were planning,” his distressed mother explained. “The presenters told the girl to ‘swish’ Donal around in the glass to force him into a fetal position, so she could swallow him in one go.”

Unfortunately for Donal, Ms. McCann hesitated too long sending Donal into a panic as he was thrown into her mouth.

“I can still hear his screams,” his mother broke down. “I love you mum is the last thing I heard before she crunched down on my son. The fucking sick bitch didn’t even win; it was all for nothing.”

Producers of the show have since apologised to Mrs. Spider for the trial, admitting that the murder was probably uncalled for, but did offer Donal’s siblings lifelong contracts for the show as compensation.