Friends Haven’t Had A Good Bitching Session In Ages


A CLOSE knit group of Waterford women have lamented the fact that they haven’t got together for a decent bitching session in ages, WWN can reveal.

Friends Shona, Rebecca, Rachel and Sarah discussed how hard it had been for them recently to collectively find a time and venue for a vintage bitching session that suited everyone, owing to the fact that they have all been so busy of late.

“Look it, coming up to Christmas now, there will be loads and loads of time for a catch up. Just don’t invite Mags, I’d go through her for a short cut these days,” Shona explained to her friends in a Whatsapp conversation set up especially for arranging the much needed session.

While a time that suited everyone was central to the successful planning of a bitching session, less important was the venue or the quality of wine available.

“You know me, I’d drink my own piss, so Lidl or Aldi wine will be fine by me, but Fridays aren’t good for me lads,” Rachel explained, underpinning the difficulty in allotting a specific time in which to dissect the minute of how much everyone annoyed the absolute shit out of them on a daily basis.

“After next week, any time is good for, but remember to remind me to tell you about Declan in HR, fucking weapon of a man, and an ugly fucker to boot. State of his shoes too,” Sarah chimed in, open to the possibility of almost any time or venue for a bitching session.

The friends remain determined to set aside several hours to complain about almost anything, in a loving and non-judgmental environment, but would have to meet up again for a straight ‘gossip marathon’.