WWN Guide To Expressing Solidarity Online


EXPRESSING “solidarity” with a political movement, protest or belief used to be tricky; you had to travel all the way to where a protest or civil action was taking place, stand around all day holding a placard that you had to make the night before… it was a laborious, drawn-out process that didn’t really benefit you on a personal level in any way.

Luckily, these days you can express solidarity without leaving your house, thanks to the wonderful world of online solidarity. Simply typing “I express solidarity with (cause)” or “Solidarity with (cause) from all at the (name) house” is practically the same as going on hunger strike. Simply remember a few things…

First, you’ll want to find something to express solidarity with. Don’t be picky, just choose every left-wing, anti-government, anti-capitalism movement you can find. Remember the beauty of online solidarity is that you can spread your wings far; you were never going to join the Shell To Sea protestors on the front line out in the wilds of the West coast, but you can comment under one of their Facebook posts and let them know that you’re right there with them, in the most convenient kind of spirit there is.

Next, you’ll want to make sure that your solidarity message stands out from everyone else, so that you get loads of likes and you feel like you’re a total rockstar. This is difficult, as there are sometimes hundreds of people jumping on the bandwagon at the same time. Perhaps add a funny image, or a load of cursing about how evil water charges/ Enda Kenny/ Israel/ Johnny Logan/ ISIS really are. Do you want to look passionate about this cause without doing anything, or not?

Lastly, you must always remember that the poorly written, misspelled nonsense you wrote on a Facebook page that has nine followers is doing just as much good for the cause as if you were to have left your house, travelled to the front line of the protest, and risked getting a Garda baton to the side of the head. And you did it all from the comfort of your couch, while watching telly! You’re a true man of the people, a real freedom fighter!