Brave Temple Street Kids Suffer Through Another Visit From Hometown


THE brave boys and girls in Temple Street children’s hospital courageously suffered through yet another visit from boyband “Hometown”, it has been revealed today.

The kids, many of whom are battling severe illness, managed to endure the visit from the Louis Walsh-managed group, which consists of five or maybe six members.

Hometown, currently working on their debut album, despite being in the Irish media spotlight for nearly two years, dropped in unannounced to Temple Street, prompting a chorus of groans from sick children who had little to no interest in seeing Mikey, Richard, Jake, Finbar, Alan and Jimmy, or whatever their names are.

“Will this take long? I have injections to get,” said one 5-year-old boy, who felt like he had to pose for a picture with the band out of politeness.

“Lads, I’d love to stay and chat with you, but there’s a really important meeting with a consultant that I can’t miss,” said another wean, before going to hide in the toilets until the band had left.

The gruelling ordeal lasted nearly two hours, with doctors commending the children for their bravery while being able to smile through the whole thing.

“These kids give me hope, ” said Dr. Ian Hamilton, wiping tears from his eyes. “To put up with the hardships they have to put up with every day, and still be able to make it through a photo-session with a half-dozen Z list celebrities… God bless these kids, they’re way stronger than I could ever be”.

Hometown were at the hospital promoting a limited edition range of novelty Christmas jumpers and pajamas, with two euro from every sale going to Temple Street Childrens Hospital. To prevent Hometown returning to the hospital next year, purchase your jumper exclusively from Penneys, or alternatively donate directly here.