Local Man Saves Horn For Wife


IN a surprising move, a Waterford road rage enthusiast has decided to take the advice of fellow motorists and conserve his horn for his spouse, instead of sounding it off at every single car he meets.

Greg Davies, 45, had been enjoying a stressful commute to work this morning by letting everyone around him know what he thought of them with a series of beeps emitted from his car horn.

Davies, described by his friends as an ‘impatient prick’, honked at other motorists who were holding him up by adhering to the rules of the road. Motorists who slowed Davies down by obeying traffic signals instead of ploughing through them were subjected to prolonged blasts of Davies’ horn, as were road users who stopped to let pedestrians cross at pedestrian crossings.

Throughout his horn-blowing rampage, Davies was advised on several occasions to “save it for his wife”, which the Dungarvan man finally agreed to.

“Everyone kept telling me to save it for my wife,” Davies recalled.”And to be fair, they have a point. Tonight when I get home, I’m going to take the missus into the sitting room, open the windows, go out into the car and then blast her out of it all night”.

Davies added that although he intends to save his horn for his wife from now on, any cyclist that he encounters while driving is getting “lifted out of it” regardless of whether or not they do anything wrong.