“Suicidal Teen” Now The Most Common Halloween Costume In Ireland


DESPITE the rise in popularity of Minions costumes and the continuing appeal of “sexy” variations on classic outfits, the most common Halloween costume among teenagers in Ireland remains that of someone pretending they’re absolutely fine despite struggling with depression and thoughts of suicide.

The costume, which is suitable for both boys and girls, consists of an outward appearance of everything being alright despite the wearer struggling to cope with anxiety, depression and a feeling of helplessness.

Many people have been known to wear the costume at all times throughout the year, not just at Halloween. In some instances, friends of people wearing the costume may not actually be aware the smiling face and cheerful demeanour is in fact nothing more than a mask in which the wearer has spent years crafting. In other cases, teenagers are well aware of the outfit, but don’t want to talk about it.

“There’s a bunch of us going out this Friday dressed like zombie Spice Girls, ” said one teenager we interviewed.

“But my friend over there is going out as someone who is happy at all times, even though we all know she’s not. But she’s used to that costume, it’s the same one she wore last year, and every year before. I’d like to ask her if she’d consider taking it off now and then, letting us help the person underneath, but I’m not sure how. So we all just kinda leave her to it”.

New statistics reveal that Ireland has the highest rate of female youth suicides in the EU and the second highest rate in young males, many of whom were people who wore the costume of someone who was perfectly happy.

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