Protests Outside RTÉ As Fair City Introduce Its First Ever Culchie Character


VIOLENT scenes unfolded outside RTÉ’s Donnybrook base as die-hard fans of long running soap Fair City reacted angrily to the introduction of the show’s first ever culchie character.

A mob, 3,000 people strong stormed the TV station’s grounds, demanding that the Dublin based soap return to its Dublin roots and cut new character Jamsie O’O’Shaughnessy from the show immediately.

While writers have been praised for their accurate portrayal of simple country folk, avid viewers of the show are outraged at sight of O’O’Shaughnessy strolling through the streets of Carrigstown chewing raw cabbage and herding sheep.

“I know they did a lot of research and that, but I want my old soap back, the one with the Dublin accents we all love dearly,” explained Raheny native and Fair City fan Liam Byrne.

Gardaí arrived at RTÉ shortly after the protests began, but were too late to stop the mob, now occupying the RTÉ staff car park, from ripping an unfortunate Bryan Dobson limb from limb.

“We believe the victim was just on his way into work, and had no opinion either way of the position of culchies in Fair City,” an ashen-faced Garda and chief negotiator Clíona Sullivan told WWN.

A compromise is believed to be close as a writer for the soap pleaded with the protesters to disband in exchange for a 37% increase in the harsh inner city Dublin accents of characters in the coming weeks on the soap.

The presence of O’O’Shaughnessy mirrors the 2001 outrage at the inclusion of a Stepaside native in the soap who wasn’t deemed ‘Dublin enough’ by hardcore fans.