Man With Ability To Whistle Using Fingers To Do So At Every Available Opportunity


IN a press conference held earlier today, a Waterford man who knows how to whistle using two fingers declared his intention to continue emitting a shrill, piercing whistle at every given opportunity.

Sean McCahill, 35, remains truly proud of his self-taught ability to whistle louder than anyone else using nothing more than his breath and both of his index fingers.

The Dungarvan native, who has very few other skills, is known to blast an incredibly loud whistle at concerts, football matches, the singing of Happy Birthday at kids’ parties, and any other occasion where people applaud something.

McCahill also whistles incredibly loudly while trying to hail a taxi, get the attention of someone he knows, and occasionally just for the sheer joy of hearing himself be the loudest person in a room.

Although many people in his immediate vicinity have negatively reacted to the deafening sound of his finger-assisted whistling in the past, McCahill stated today that he has no intention of stopping any time soon.

“If someone is singing karaoke in a bar, I’ll be whistling. If a football team scores, I’ll be whistling,” stated McCahill, looking around for a reason to let out a blast.

“I keep my index fingers pointed and ready at all times. I’d like to add that I find it hilarious when people try to use their fingers to whistle, but can’t… that’s when I get to act superior and show them how easy it is. I love the look on their face when they’re just blowing spit, but I’m shaking the windows with my whistling prowess”.

McCahill refused to be drawn on questions about whether or not he is jealous of Colm Meehan, another Dungarvan local who can whistle using the thumb and forefinger of one hand, a skill McCahill never mastered.