Muslim Toddler Arrested After Crayon Drawing Sparks Fears Of Giant Woman Attack


HOMELAND security officials in the United States today issued a yellow warning, after a drawing by a Muslim child depicting some sort of monsterous over-sized woman was intercepted by elementary school teachers in Phoenix, Arizona.

Saiid Ahmadi, 4, drew the picture during colouring hour and showed it to his teacher Annabel Harrison, who quickly became wary of what might be meant by the chilling image.

“It was a woman, but much larger than any other woman. Huge, perhaps skyscraper sized,” sobbed Harrison, a white.

“Given Saiid’s background, which I’m assuming is based in the Middle East, I felt it necessary to raise the alarm. I kept Saiid talking while a colleague called the FBI”.

The toddler, from Phoenix, Arizona, was detained for 24-hours as experts in terrorism grilled him to find the meaning of the drawing.

“First off, stop calling him a toddler. That in there is a man,” said Special Agent Mike Long, who headed up the investigation.

“That is a man who presented a clear danger to the security of those around him when he drew a picture depicting a woman with the ability to destroy us all. Where did he get the idea to draw that? Has he seen plans for this giant woman? Does she already exist? Is she about to be set loose in a major city? We need to know, now”.

Saiid’s family home has also been raided by special forces, with reports coming in that they have found a fridge covered in similarly sinister images.