Dozens Injured After Pop-Up Restaurant Suddenly Appears On The M50


THE reckless appearance of a restaurant specialising in organic, free range, barbeque cooking in the middle lane of the M50 has been blamed for a multi-vehicle incident which led to hours of delays and dozens of injured motorists, it has been revealed.

Mulligans Snack Box, the latest pop-up restaurant to appear in the Dublin area, arrived unexpectedly after the N3 exit on the southbound lane of the M50 during morning rush hour, causing multiple vehicle collision as motorists tried in vain to avoid hitting the structure which appeared from thin air.

“I was on my way to work as usual, minding my own business, and the next thing this restaurant just pops up out of nowhere,” said one lorry driver, who escaped with minor cuts and bruises.

“One minute the road is clear, then BAM!… there’s a fuckin’ chip shop or something in front of me. Last thing I remember is driving along listening to the radio, then having to swerve hard to avoid this lad with a beard handing out samples of pulled pork”.

The proprietors of Mulligans Snack Box, hashtag MSB, apologised for their choice of location for their pop-up restaurant, but insisted that food-lovers in Dublin enjoy the spontaneity and feeling of exclusivity that comes with a temporary restaurant, before going on to offer anyone injured in the incident 50% off any meat combo plate.

Gardai attending the scene agreed to drop all charges against the restaurateurs after they were provided with brisket sandwiches.