Chinese Lad Will Have Broken Phone Repaired In 20 Minutes


A CHINESE tech wizard who works in a phone repair shop on Moore Street has stated that he will have fixed the broken phone he’s working on at the moment in about twenty minutes, according to eyewitnesses.

Keung Liu, who answers to the name Martin, began work on the iPhone 4s after it was brought in by an 18-year-old girl who had broken the screen while on a night out.

Liu, 25, advised the girl that the phone would be ready in twenty minutes, and cost her 50 euro. This price structure is in place for 95% of the repairs carried out by Liu on any phone, and all jobs take in or around twenty minutes.

“Your phone only charging when you hold the charger in place? 50 euro, take twenty minutes,” said Liu, while working away in the shop which also sells a wide range of phone covers that look like characters from the movie ‘Minions”.

“Screen repair? Battery replacement? Take about twenty minutes. You can wait here in the shop or come back, it’ll cost 50 euro”.

Phone genius Liu also added that he could unlock any phone for a tenner, while the other half of the shop offers customers a wide range of great value Afro-Caribbean hair products.