Eircom’s Customer Service Improves Dramatically After Changing Name


EIRCOM customers have reported an overwhelmingly positive change in the customer service they have received since the telecommunications company changed their name to ‘Eir’.

The rebrand rollout, which involved sourcing a new logo, a PR drive informing the media of the new name and extensive advertising has been universally praised by customers due to the sudden change in the services they receive.

“Who knew pouring loads of money into a rebrand, rather than training staff to be polite, courteous and helpful as well as in improving services would transform the service I received beyond recognition,” Eir customer Stephen Gaffney told WWN.

Business experts, however, were less surprised, choosing to praise management for their excellent foresight.

“Jesus, the amount of companies who have strained relations with their customer base by wasting time, money and effort on improving services is actually shocking. It’s sad to see frankly, when all evidence points to the fact that renaming your company and chucking a logo on it is far more effective,” brand strategist and stealer of a living Gregory Jones explained.

“Do you know how much time ‘Eir’ are saving their customers, now they don’t have to type out ‘c’, ‘o’ and ‘m’ in their online rants about how frustrating the company is? It’s a great goodwill gesture, that will surely foster fantastic relations with their customers and erase all previous problems”.

Head of customer relations at Eir Ciaran Fanning has confessed he was surprised by the dramatic upturn in quality of service after just one day.

“We knew the name change was something that would solve all of our customer’s problems, but just not this quickly. We’re delighted,” Fanning confirmed.