ISIS May Be Hiding Under Your Bed, Warns Expert


A SYRIAN expert on the Islamic State has warned EU citizens today to check for jihadis underneath their beds at night, as they are prone to hiding there.

Fadi Abo Alteeb, who has been studying the group’s movements and tactics over the last five years, said as many as 1 in 10 Syrian refugees entering Europe at the moment are terrorists, and have been training for many years in the art of hiding under beds without being noticed.

“ISIS is known to fit two or even three jihadis under a king size bed,” he told WWN. “In one instance last week, Turkish police found two Islamic State operatives underneath a child’s bed in her family home in the wealthy part of Istanbul.

“They can remain there for long periods of time; only coming out at night to feed from fridges of unsuspecting households.”

Mr. Abo Alteeb claims there may be as many as 2,000 sleeper cells hiding under beds, in the UK and Ireland alone, and that routine checks should be carried out every single night.

“I’d advise people to invest in a long sharp stick to prod underneath the bed,” he advised. “Sprinkling holy water around the perimeter of the home will, nine times out of ten, deter them from entering.

“Keep plenty of pork and shellfish products in the fridge,” he added.

Asked if ISIS could be sending militants to hide in wardrobes or even kitchen presses, Mr Saab said: “Certainly they could be, but most ISIS militants are only trained for under-the-bed type scenarios, so it would be very rare to find them there.”

Mr. Abo Alteeb’s comments follow warnings from Pope Francis and Ukip leader Nigel Farage that Islamic State fighters could enter Europe hidden among the large numbers of refugees and migrants.