Ricky Martin Confirms To Fans He Is No Longer Livin’ La Vida Loca


SINGING legend Ricky Martin has shocked fans today by admitting he is no longer living la vida loca, despite penning an anthem to the contrary in 1999.

The Puerto Rican pop star publicly came out in 2010 and received huge support from his dedicated fans, but they have today expressed frustration at the news that Martin has decided to abandon his hit song entirely.

“It would be unfair to the fans if I sang of dancing in the rain and tearing my clothes off, when honestly, I now live a bit of a quiet life,” Martin explained in a post on his website.

“I wrote this song about a childhood friend Maria Gonzalez and she too is now settled down with children, and rarely slips me sleeping pills and has not forced me to order champagne in the last few years. So it would be entirely disingenuous of me to carry on claiming that she or I are livin’ da vida loca. I am living la vida aburrido”.

Fans voiced their disappointment at Martin’s decision to disown a song which gave voice to the millions of people who have woken up in New York City in funky cheap hotels.

“I’m not sure what makes me angrier the fact that Ricky’s not livin’ la vida loca anymore or the fact that he’s been telling us up until today that he goes dancing in the rain, I feel cheated,” explained Martin fan Gabriel Marcel.