‘Cannabis Oil Regenerated My Decapitated Head’, Says US Army Veteran


A US army veteran claims to have grown back his head, which was blown off in an IED explosion in Iraq three years ago, using just cannabis oil.

Bob Jacob was offered the oil to help with the pain he suffered from the decapitation and spent the last 36 months applying the ointment to the gaping wound.

Speaking with an electronic voice box, Jacob said he was able to regenerate his entire head in a matter of years to half its original size, and expects to have a fully grown head by 2017.

“I thought I was a goner after the explosion,” he recalled. “Doctors gave me very little chance of survival, but my cousin Bart intervened and told me about the benefits of cannabis oil. I gave him an okay sign with my hands, ’cause I couldn’t talk, and we began the treatment.”

After four months into the treatment, Bob’s eyes began to reform, then a mouth, ears and even his hair.

“I’ve been bald since I was 22 so it was an added bonus,” he joked. “I’m getting the use of my vocal chords back too. I sound a little squeaky, but that’s to be expected.”

The medical benefits of cannabis have long been debated worldwide, with claims that its oil can cure cancer, AIDs, Ebola and now even regenerate lost body parts. Campaigners for the wonder plant continue to call for its legalisation in a bid for more medical tests to be carried out to reveal its beneficial health properties.