“Dislike” Button Finally Offers People The Chance To Be Negative Online


THE decision by Facebook to finally include an option to “dislike” a post on the popular social media website has been welcomed by negative people, who up to this point have had no way of letting people know that they disagree with something they read online.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement of the “dislike” option yesterday, after years of requests from trolls and bullies to finally be able to express themselves while browsing their newsfeeds.

“Up until now, if I saw somebody write about their opinion online, I just had to sit there and say nothing,” said one user, who posts under the name JakeBIGCOK69.

“My options were to click ‘like’, or say nothing. I’ve disliked hundreds, maybe thousands of posts over the years, and many times I’ve felt a burning desire to just start a huge rant at the original poster while typing in all caps, but had to sit there and do nothing”.

“Finally, I can click dislike and let people know that I’m unhappy about certain things online”.

If the dislike button proves to be popular, other websites such as YouTube and Twitter may start to offer negative people the ability to express their displeasure, leading many people to fear that the internet may be about to become some sort of hideous vipers nest filled with hateful individuals flying off the handle and spewing vitriol with only the slightest of provocation.