5 Reasons Why Jeremy Corbyn Is The Antichrist


NEWLY elected UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has caused a stir in Britain with several controversial views which have not been pre-approved by the ruling Conservative government, rich people or Tony Blair.

We here at WWN have compiled 5 of the most devastating stances with the help of the Daily Mail which prove Corbyn is the antichrist.

1) “I want to murder the Queen and make Gerry Adams the prime minister” – Jeremy Corbyn, March 23rd, 1933. There it is, in the man’s own words. We don’t feel there is much to add other than to point out that the Devil should present himself to the nearest police station immediately.

2) He is against war. Corbyn’s disgusting anti-war stance would prove devastating to the economy, costing British weapons manufacturers billions of pounds in profits. If Corbyn was to assume power in Britain his pre-apocalyptic tyrannical rule would see the end of arms dealers selling weapons in 19 countries known to use child soldiers or target children according to the UN. Disgusting.

3) Corbyn is pro anti. The grey-haired bastard is literally for being against a lot of things; Trident, social inequality, poverty, working 24/7. You name it, Jezzer opposes it. Britain would be wise to shift its focus away from a badger cull to a Corbyn cull if it doesn’t want its grandchildren speaking Muslim.

4) He once held up people on the tube to offer his seat to a pregnant lady. People. Heading to work. Had to wait 12 agonising seconds as Mr. Shit himself stood in their way in order to vacate his seat and give it to a heavily pregnant woman. While eye witnesses were thin on the ground, speculation suggests she was a foreign.

5) Never watched Downton Abbey. Not once. Not fucking once did he watch the beloved ITV drama. Corbyn has no idea what Anna and Mr. Bates have been through. What a bastard.